A Tiny Treasure

Four ItemsThe final wrap up to this week in beauty and travel tips brings us to our feet. Yes… our feet. It’s that time of year for weddings, galas and events, which can lead to blisters and all things not fun for your feet. I found just the item you will need for your purse, beauty bag or travel tote (of any size, too).

You now know how much I love shoes. But sometimes, sadly, my shoes don’t reciprocate that same love. I always try to aim for comfort and the ability to walk in the actual shoe, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. I think because I used to dance pointe that I can handle pain and blisters on my feet to a certain extent. But let’s be honest- that is not pretty nor is it sexy. Let’s also be honest: I am not the only woman who will choose shoes for their looks over comfort.

I have tried it all: Band Aids as a preface to the actual blister. Sometimes even cotton balls and a Band-Aid to help comfort the part of the foot where the shoe rubs. But if seen? Again, not really attractive and defeats the purpose of the gorgeous shoe that I simply had to have.

I will be honest and admit that I have walked (no pun intended) past Band-Aid Friction Block Stick several times.

Tiny Treasure

By now, you know I am quirky and unique. While not a skeptic in regards to how this product would work, I was more concerned with its texture. Would it be too greasy and would my shoe just slip off? Would it leave marks on my shoes (yes, a true concern)? I finally decided that unless I tried it, I would never know.

Putting It On

And, like all of the products I am sharing with you this week? I love it! And I get frustrated when I forget to put it on my feet before wearing a new pair of shoes, or a pair I know will leave me a little bit of grief, as this little stick has saved me several times.

It’s so simple to use: I rub it on the back of my ankles and around my toes. Essentially, any part of the foot where your shoe may rub. You don’t need to wait for it to dry or absorb. You are good to go as soon as you put it on.

So again, Brides? This is calling your name! And perfect to gift your Bridesmaids. Truthfully, any woman who loves her shoes? Run and grab this tiny, teal stick. Your feet will thank you later.

While I know these items are merely my opinions as to what works wonders and what I love, I hope they will come to your rescue at one point. Did they help? Do you already have them? Or would you like to see themed weeks, like this one, more often? Be sure to leave a comment!




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