Good Things Come in Small Packages

KISSWith the first day of summer arriving a few days ago, I thought I would find the best summer products for your skin. Or I suppose you could say new products that I am hooked on. The first one on the list? These perfect sized face masks by Nugg.

I came across these delightful little face masks at Target one day while I was crossing off items from my shopping list, and naturally loading my cart with items I talked myself into buying. I am sure all of you can empathize and understand with what I am talking about when it comes to shopping excursions at Target.

So Littl

However this little face mask? The best item added to my shopping cart in some time that wasn’t on my list. This mask is the perfect size to fit into the palm of your hand.

Palm of Hand

Or better yet, since summer time is the season for traveling, it fits perfectly in any beauty/travel bag.

Travel Bag

Each mask assists different parts of your skin. One of my favorites is the Revitalizing mask, which is perfect for tired looking skin. Those days where you just can’t say ‘no’ enough, this mask helps you through and keeps you looking alert and refreshed.

I am also a fan of the Exfoliating mask. With my fair skin, it’s perfect for if I get dry skin, or even worse, sun burn. It’s gentle enough and helps to remove the dead skin.

I love the idea of these masks for traveling. Airplanes definitely remove the moisture in your skin. These are the best refresher, perfect for even the bathroom upon landing and before you really begin your trip.

They are perfect for multi-use, as these tiny packages hold a lot of product.


Be sure to check out their website for great articles on how to use their product and which ones will work best for your skin type. And more than that, head to Target and make sure that these little face masks are on your actual shopping list.





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