Fantasy Fashion + Finds Friday for June 6th, 2014

m-diamondOh, Kate Spade New York. Can you do anything wrong? I can’t wait to see these placemats on my kitchen table one day. “Save Room for Dessert?” Pretty much my motto. And wait until you see her new dishes, too. They are darling!



I brought this talented young woman‘s shop up once before with her genius and stunning bar carts. But I have to bring her up once more: Check out this gorgeous table. In dreaming of my ideal office, this comes immediately to mind.



Have you ever slept in a tree? How romantic would a night in a portaledge be? Climb up in there with your loved one and watch the sunset, and spend the night cuddled together. I am terrified of heights but I love this idea!



This Shade for Each Other Sugar Bowl is really stinking cute. How fun would this be on a coffee cart with brightly colored mugs to match?


A Sweet First Communion

The GiftMy nephew is getting to that age where it is difficult to find him keepsake gifts, or those special ones that he will always remember and not outgrow. So when his First Communion was coming up, I was stumped. Everyone already called the gifts that were memorable and First Communion specific. I knew I wanted to give him money, but no little boy loves opening up a card with just money inside. It had to be an actual gift. But what? Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Steve


While a little different than the typical post you find on M of Hearts, today is a little different. Today is my friend Steve’s 29th birthday. And I can’t help but wonder how he would be celebrating today.

Steve passed away on March 22, 2009. And recently I opened up and finally admittd how depressed I was for months after his passing. The summer of 2009 I would spend my nights outside reading books under the stars while most 23-year-olds would be out at bars and clubs. It was no shock to anyone that I was hurting, and I wasn’t alone. Steve was this magnificent person with a personality to match. He was involved in so many clubs and organizations and really brought people of all personalities together. When you walked into a room, and Steve was there, he would make you feel so welcome and invited. And if you were to just be meeting him, he would make you feel like you knew him forever.  Continue reading