Men’s Shopping Event

m-of-hopewicked-sugarThat’s right, you read it correctly: Men’s Shopping Event! I’m delighted to be partnering up with one of my favorite local boutiques, and friend, Wicked Sugar Fashion, to create a shopping night catered for men. This fun evening is taking place THIS Thursday, December 15th from 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm at Wicked Sugar Fashion.

Kelly and I were talking one day about how much men really dislike shopping. Deny it if you must, but you really shouldn’t be lying this time of year (remember: he’s always watching). With the holiday season, everyone has females that they need to purchase gifts for: moms, aunts, sisters, nieces, girlfriends, wives. And being that we cater to a female clientele, we want to help! We were brainstorming what could draw men in to shop. Immediately beer, snacks, and sports/fitness came to mind which got us thinking: What if we hosted an event with all of these factors? And that is how this night came to be.

We’re delighted to welcome The Brew Kettle to Thursday’s event. Enjoy samples of their popular Slaughterhouse Red*, a malty amber ale with hints of caramel and toffee with a sweet malty finish, and Valravn*, teetering between blood red and pitch black malt and hops battle for supremacy with every sip… which one will rise to power and claim the crown… DARE.2Dive. (*limit two samples per person).


Jaworski’s Meats is assisting in providing the snacks for the evening! Can you think of a better combo than beer and smokies?

Just for attending, each gentleman will be receiving a FREE one-week pass to the Cleveland Fitness Club (while supplies last)! In addition to that, the CFC is generously donating a one year pass to one lucky guy! Please take a moment to read that again, as we still can’t believe it.


So… if you think about it? You’ll be gifted prizes and treats simply by attending, which is kind of cool.

Both Wicked Sugar and myself will be raffling off two raffle baskets. Get bonus gifts for the females in your life, as well as be treated for shopping locally (we’ll have some prizes for guys, too)! And some of our favorite local shops also donated gifts, which we can’t thank them enough for doing. So relax, grab a beer and some snacks while potentially winning some prizes.

We’re offering complimentary gift wrapping on purchases made on Thursday night. We sort of know that in addition to shopping, men don’t really like wrapping (unless it’s the wrapping without the “w”), so we’re taking that off of your plate, too (more room for cheese and smokies… you’re welcome).


I know you’re likely asking, “What exactly do you need from me?” Excellent question! Head over to M of Hope and Wicked Sugar Fashion to create your holiday Wish List (essentially make a registry for Christmas). Print it out and send it in with your guy. We’ll pull the items and help them to gift your ideal holiday present!

Kelly and I are so looking forward to Thursday night. We can’t wait to help you shop for the females in your life. Please share this and bring your friends… the more, the merrier. Yule be pleasantly surprised by the fun you’ll have.


See you Thursday at Wicked Sugar Fashion!




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