Daisy Me Styling My Products

IMG_0137When it comes to styling and sharing images of new products, I always seek props to help give my new arrivals an extra *pop.* It’s no secret that I am into themes, so I always seek props to help embody each month’s theme, as well as props that will help to match the color story. For example, May’s theme was “Be A Rainbow In Someone Else’s Cloud” and all of the props that I used were either miniature rainbows or rainbow sprinkles (essentially all things with color).

In loving flowers, and more importantly, flower puns, I was delighted to find the perfect prop through Commercial Silk to help introduce new arrivals! Commercial Silk has a variety of gorgeous plants, floral arrangements, succulents and more! Their easy-to-navigate website helps me to find exactly what I’m looking for to give my photos, and M of Hope, the perfect touch.

My latest arrivals to the shop are all things gold and girly, and with all the rain that we’ve been having, flowers are on my mind. Shopping Commercial Silk‘s website, I found the perfect Gerbera Daisy Garland in a gorgeous golden color.While they are artificial flowers, I loved the detail behind them. Each one unique and beautiful; you almost forget that they are not real.


I found multiple ways to style them throughout the shop. For starters, I added them to my window display for this month. They helped to create an inviting scene, perfect to welcome customers into the shop!


I used them to help create the perfect flatly to my photos. I love how they really help to make my products pop, while also blending in and matching.


They added the perfect touch to one of my best sellers, my headbands from Headbands of Hope.


I also enjoy to have fun with props in the sense of spelling out words that fit the theme of the shop. I laid them out to spell “hope,” and will use this to help promote my next event at the store.


I look forward to shopping and find all of my future prop needs from Commercial Silk! Have you visited their website yet? What do you have your eyes on?



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