A Letter To My Customers

10686937_843124705768791_2238545120222274373_nI found myself writing and rewriting, editing and starting again. It’s often impossible to find a way to place into words what exactly it is you’re trying to say, especially when the topic at hand is one you would rather all together avoid. Instead of making it difficult, I have finally settled on the following: 

M of Hope’s brick and mortar storefront will be closing as of Tuesday, December 5th at 6:00pm. 

What this means: 
You can’t stop up at 7535 Pearl Road to shop with me, however you CAN shop with me at www.MofHope.com, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the several pop-up shop events I will be heading to this holiday season. If you have an unused Gift Card, you’re still welcome to use it with me! If you want to say hi to myself or Carly, I not only urge you to do, however you may have to do so in a different form of communication. 
What does this mean for the future of Beautiful IS Bald and all of the other events I host? 
Beautiful IS Bald will continue on, but in a different capacity. You may find it in a city closer to you. You may find it in the same plaza. You’ll learn more as I share on my social media platforms and on my website. For instance, the Christmas collection for cancer patients at Southwest General Hospital will be starting next week, but in a different way, and all will be shared with you. 
I would be absolutely delighted if you were to stop up this week and visit! I am clearing house when it comes to certain products that I will no longer be carrying in the shop, and you’ll find them heavily discounted (which does mean that *all sales are final* when it comes to these products). I do have select fixtures and tables for sale, so if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to inquire from within. Unfortunately I will not be able to deliver them to your home, so you will have to find a means to pick them up. 
It has been an absolute delight living this dream every single day for the past few years. Each day did not feel like work, as it was such joy to have worked so hard to create this little shop. I am so grateful to have been involved, albeit in a small way, on your cancer journey. I’m a broken record in saying this, but it certainly is humbling to witness your fight. You put everyday life into perspective and remind me that at the hardest moments life can toss my way, I’m so grateful to be here. I’ve been asked how I can come to work every day, and the answer is simple: you. You have inspired me to not take time off and to create an environment that was full of hope and wonder, with, of course, a hint of sparkle. 
To all of those who have shopped with me throughout the past three years, I thank you so much. To all of you who have helped me behind the scenes? I have to thank you in two ways: one, for your assistance and support, and two, for allowing me to learn how to ask for help. A lesson I am thankful to have learned. The list is very long, and you’ll find that in a blog post soon, but for now, you know who you are and I hope you know how thankful I am. 
You better believe you’ll continue to see ‘Save the Brewbies” tours, “Check Your Booooobs!” unique products, holiday fun and more. It’s not in my nature to stop anything I put my mind to. Again, this isn’t the end, but a new beginning. 
With utmost gratitude and hugs galore, 

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