About Meaghan


My name is Meaghan S. Earley.  I am the epitome of a girly-girl, as most girls say.  I love all Holidays, but similar to Buddy the Elf, ‘Christmas is my favorite.’  I believe in finding the perfect gift for each and every person in your life.  Wrapping presents is simply the presentation of a gift and it must be extraordinary.

I believe in accessorizing.  And accessorizing it all out!  I believe in glitter.  I believe in being myself and being the nerdy girl that I am.  I believe in fashion and experimenting.  Sometimes I fail, but I’ll just throw on a scarf and suddenly it works!  Above all, I believe in learning (and not just when it comes to fashion).

I love to explore.  I love to go to new places, whether it is a road trip or flying to visit a loved one.  And I love experiencing new gems hidden in the depths of cities.

So what does this all mean?

I am often told that I am quite creative and I have clever ideas.  Rather than holding them in, I’m ready to sprinkle my creativity and glitter it upon all of my readers.

So how this works:

You will find postings of gift ideas.  And I mean ideas.  Everything from wrapping to decorating to themed out ideas.  You will find places that I love to shop and where to obtain some really great inspiration.  You will find my favorite restaurants, shopping places and neat touristy-type ‘things’ in cities I have visited.  You will also find some fashion ideas.  I say ideas because I feel clothing is like a tattoo:  It is merely an art and a way to express yourself.  If you’re my clone, you are sure to love my fashion tips.  If you’re not, you’ll find me crazy.  And I’m okay with that.

Above all, if I can assist you with ANYTHING, because let’s be honest — who else stays up all night long to complete a gift for someone? Who else has no time on their hands but enjoys the thrills in seeing someone adore a gift?  Please feel free to contact me and we can arrange creating the ideal gift for your someone special.

Get ready to take a journey in my mind. Grab your scarf, a cute pair of Toms and get ready.


lovealwaysMeaghan S. Earley



Photo Credit:
Top Left: Laura Watilo Blake
Top Right: Janet Macoska
Biography Photo: Laura Watilo Blake

These two women rock in ways that I simply could not place into words.  They are two ladies that if you are lucky enough to know them, consider yourself blessed.  Thank you Laura and Janet for your talent and allowing me to use your photographs in this fun little project, as well as for your support, kindness and inspiration to finally do this.

Blog Credit:
And to Annette Drapac – my little graphic designer. Without your talents, M of Hearts would not only not look as amazing as this, but it would never have happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.