A Sweet First Communion

The GiftMy nephew is getting to that age where it is difficult to find him keepsake gifts, or those special ones that he will always remember and not outgrow. So when his First Communion was coming up, I was stumped. Everyone already called the gifts that were memorable and First Communion specific. I knew I wanted to give him money, but no little boy loves opening up a card with just money inside. It had to be an actual gift. But what? Continue reading

Marquee Lights

CLE IIEverywhere I look lately, I see initials or those fabulous marquee lights. And each time I see them, I won’t lie to you: I long to have a set in my home. But, in typical fashion I don’t want what everyone else has. And I didn’t know what words or letters I wanted to have.

And then it hit me. Why not ‘C-L-E’ since I am doing this special on M of Hearts about all things Cleveland related?

To really mix it up, while I love the solid colors of the letters and marquee lights that I see, I really wanted to do something unique.

I love photographs. If you come into my rental, I have a wall collage covered in framed photos. There is literally a frame in every room and on most pieces of furniture. I love capturing memories and am taken back to good times. To say I am sentimental would not be false.

I got to thinking: How cool would it be to make a photo collage inside of the marquee lights? When you look inside the letters, it becomes this whole other story. Not a solid color. Not blank, but a story. And the lights will essentially light up the city. I just had to make this happen! Continue reading

Passport of Love

Passport IITo travel outside of the United States, you need a Passport. No news there, I know. But in thinking of this one day, I began to apply the concept of love with the idea of a Passport.

We all read articles daily on how to keep the spark alive in relationships. We often allow the elements of life to come between the person we fall for. Similar to what Jess did with The Ultimate Mega-Present, how neat would it be to make a “Passport of Love” for your significant other offering trips, treats and reminders of the love the two of you share? Continue reading

Bake Me A Cake

The Gifthire_btnThis is a service offered by the M of Hearts.

My friend Brittany got married last June. She is no ordinary friend. She is someone who knows everything about me and likes me despite my flaws and madness.

In her finding her best friend, and the love of her life, a celebration had to be arranged (in addition to the marriage, naturally). Brittany has been there for me, like her dad, in many ups-and-downs, and it was so exciting to be standing by her side as she exchanged those vows.  Continue reading