MomochoIf you are in the mood for Mexican food, I know of just the place for you (and it is a great date night option for a Friday night in Cleveland, Ohio). Now, this one you will need transportation to, but it is completely worth the commute over.

One of my favorite things at Momocho is when I order their guacamole sampler. You get to select three different guacamoles of your choosing from a list of guacs that sound too good to be true, served with fresh tortilla chips. Once more my cliché statement of saying, ‘to simply say this is tasty is an understatement’ comes to play. Their guacamole is like nothing I have ever tried before. The goat cheese one? You could quite possibly hear my stomach saying, “MmmMmMm” from miles away. Continue reading

Date Night Inspiration

Rather than doing the ‘typical’ thing for Sweetest Day (or Valentine’s Day), skip the dinner and a movie idea and opt for an alternative option.

  • Throw on comfortable clothes, order some deliciously bad take-out food and spend an evening playing your favorite childhood board games. Enjoy the company of one another while learning about each other (ask one another your favorite moments from growing up). Consider playing re-runs of “Happy Days” or “I Love Lucy” in the background, or make a new iTunes playlist!
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