Melt Bar & Grilled

MeltAnother staple of Cleveland is without a doubt, Melt Bar & Grilled. Melt is one of those places that everyone talks about and you wonder the truth behind all of the rumors: “Is it really that good?” “Let me get this straight- they serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches?” “Is it as cool as people say?”

Yes to all three! Melt is a fun place, sure to brighten up your day, and a great escape while hanging out in Cleveland. Continue reading


NoodlecatAnother great food option for you to try is without a doubt Noodlecat.

Noodlecat is a great idea because it is within walking distance to Tower City Center and they offer a to-go menu option, which is perfect for when you don’t have a ton of time between your films. While working a Festival, food is sometimes a secondary thought because you are so busy and caught up in the action of everything. However, there are moments when I am starving and this is my favorite place to go to. Continue reading


MomochoIf you are in the mood for Mexican food, I know of just the place for you (and it is a great date night option for a Friday night in Cleveland, Ohio). Now, this one you will need transportation to, but it is completely worth the commute over.

One of my favorite things at Momocho is when I order their guacamole sampler. You get to select three different guacamoles of your choosing from a list of guacs that sound too good to be true, served with fresh tortilla chips. Once more my cliché statement of saying, ‘to simply say this is tasty is an understatement’ comes to play. Their guacamole is like nothing I have ever tried before. The goat cheese one? You could quite possibly hear my stomach saying, “MmmMmMm” from miles away. Continue reading

The Greenhouse Tavern

GHTSo here we go! My kick off to dining in Cleveland, Ohio.

It is no shock that The Greenhouse Tavern is one of my top ten favorite restaurants in Cleveland. If you need more convincing, ask me in person and my enthusiasm towards this restaurant will convince you. I promise. I have been known to startle people when talking about how good this restaurant is (and I once almost accidentally forked someone when they took my plate away before I was finished, which is out of character for me and should express just how much I enjoy dining at this restaurant).

Everything about The Greenhouse Tavern is enjoyable. When I go somewhere, I like to observe those who work there. If they seem genuinely happy and are enjoying one another’s company, to me it sort of solidifies that what I am about to encounter will be enjoyable and worth the experience. Continue reading