I’ve Been Away and I Do Not Like It

Kate Spade ShoesIn the past eight months, M of Hearts came to life and became more than anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The feedback and the connections I have made since launching are something I truly cherish. I began my blog with the encouragement of friends telling me to share the things I do with others. I never imagined people would read or share my ideas! M of Hearts became one of the greatest jobs I have ever had, so to take a good month off was true torture for me. Continue reading

A Brief Break & Then I’ll Be Right Back!

Some exciting life endeavors are taking place and I am going to take a momentary break from M of Hearts. Essentially to help plan and brainstorm for what is next, as well as to clean and get my life in order post-Festival (my apartment and my poor cat have been neglected and need a little love). I will be back hopefully Friday with the M of Diamonds, but for sure next week to share all new posts with you. Stay tuned during the month of April to meet the M of Clubs and an all new Guest Blogger!

If you are interested in being a Guest Blogger for the M of Hearts, I would LOVE to have you! Feel free to send me an email at Meaghan@M-of-Hearts.com for details.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you soon.




Colossal Cupcake

CupcakesSunday is the perfect day to grab something sweet and decadent! If you’re looking for a quick snack and craving something sweet, you have to head to Colossal Cupcake. Colossal is located on Euclid Ave and is minutes from Tower City Center. And today is a beautiful day to go on a quick walk and catch some sunshine in between your films and right before Closing Night kicks off.  Continue reading

Love for the CLE

E 4thI mentioned ever so briefly yesterday that I work seasonally for the Cleveland International Film Festival, and I wanted to touch a little more on this today.

I consider myself a hella lucky woman to have siblings that are insanely talented. No joke. No lie. No exaggeration. And I am certainly not saying this just because I am related to them. When I think of their accomplishments and celebrate their victories, there is never a day I am not proud to proclaim they are my siblings. That said, one of my brothers volunteered for the CIFF when he was in high school. He would come home and bring this book that later became known to me as “The Program Guide,” aka the CIFF bible (in my eyes, at least). He would talk about the movies and he would always tell me how I needed to come downtown and attend the festival.

In attending my first festival, my eyes were huge in amazement. I looked around and it was shocking to see Tower City Cinemas packed with people. When I went to the movies with friends at the local cinema, the only time it was packed was for Austin Powers (don’t laugh- you know you’ve seen it, baby). To see people gathered together for the love of film was something so extraordinary. Or so I thought until I began working seasonally for the CIFF. To not only see people gathered together for the love of film, but to work with individuals with the common love of film… hmm, does a job like that even exist?! Continue reading