St. Patrick’s Day in a Jar

Another ViewSince holidays only happen once a year, I think it is important that we embrace them and celebrate them in every way possible. Yes, it may cause a little bit more work, but I think spreading holiday cheer with others makes it completely worth it.

That said, I thought it would be fun to share St. Patrick’s Day in jar form with others. Think about it… once you get through the rainbow, you have your gold! And, well, who doesn’t like candy?

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Misery Loves Company… or so they say.


For whatever reason, nothing seems worse on St. Patrick’s Day than to be the designated driver. Despite having a huge responsibility, let’s be honest: driving around drunk friends while hoping the entire time they do not get sick in your car sort of ruins your day… greatly. What are some ways that you can still enjoy the festivities of this holiday while holding the highest honor of being the ‘DD?’

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The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

YUM!It’s no secret that I have the worst sweet tooth known to mankind. And if this is news to you, well, then I suppose the secret is out.

When it comes to any event, holiday or celebration, it is an absolute must that I have to bake a tasty treat for said occasion. It also makes for a truly heartwarming host/hostess gift.

There are so many obvious treats for St. Patrick’s Day, so in searching for something unique and tasty, pistachios instantly came to mind considering they are green and insanely delicious. I peeked on Pinterest for inspiration and did not have a ton of luck. In searching the Internet, I came across a cookie that I knew I had to try. I baked these tasty treats with help from King Arthur Flour.

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