Passport of Love

Passport IITo travel outside of the United States, you need a Passport. No news there, I know. But in thinking of this one day, I began to apply the concept of love with the idea of a Passport.

We all read articles daily on how to keep the spark alive in relationships. We often allow the elements of life to come between the person we fall for. Similar to what Jess did with The Ultimate Mega-Present, how neat would it be to make a “Passport of Love” for your significant other offering trips, treats and reminders of the love the two of you share? Continue reading

Host A Girl’s Night (or a Guy’s Night)!

Things to Do!There always seems to be so much pressure applied to a day that truly does not need any pressure. The difference between Valentine’s Day and any ‘ordinary’ day are the colors pink, red and purple being, well, thrown in your face in shapes of hearts, flowers and rainbows.

Remember my motto that you should never let a day go by without letting those in your life know what they mean to you? Single? Who cares! Throw a Girl’s (or Guy’s) Night in. And it doesn’t have to be a bashing party where you hate love. Try the complete alternative. Embrace love. With your friends. Continue reading

Personalized M&M’s

More Close-UpIn case you are seeking a Valentine’s Day gift that is a little unique and extra sweet, I have just the idea for you! Personalized m&m’s!

I came across these little beauties in 2011 and was curious as to how they would actually turn out. Would they look anything like the photo? I mean, that is a tiny piece of candy. Would they appear as cute as the pictures depicts on their website? The answer to these questions is yes. And they are even better than expected. Continue reading