Loving Lingerie

Black and WhiteOkay, I am just going to come out with it and say it.

I am a huge fan of lingerie. Bras, panties, garters, slips, camis, etc. Lace, silk, a hint of sparkle. Love. It. All.

I have always been a fan of all things lace and lovely since a young age. Perhaps that, mixed with working for a well-known lingerie brand for years, helped allow me to appreciate that lingerie isn’t something to be afraid of or to find distasteful or gross. It’s something, like a necklace, tattoo, or accessory that helps you articulate the person you are (or your interests).  Continue reading

Personalized Bras

Girly Brahire_btnThis is a service offered by the M of Hearts.

This year has thrown a great deal of curve balls my way. Something I often say is “Never let a day go by without letting those in your life know what they mean to you.” It is typically followed with much eye rolling, but it is something true that I remind myself of daily to make sure that I acknowledge the people in my life who deserve just that.

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