Lovely Paperie & Gifts

Outside of the StoreI heard about a new shop that recently opened in Cleveland and have been craving to stop by and check it out. Saturday afternoon I decided that it was the perfect time to head over to Rocky River and sneak a peek.

It’s no surprise that California is my home away from home. One reason is because it is filled with all of these card stores and boutiques that are the opposite of Papyrus and Hallmark, however don’t get me wrong- I love those stores too! But it’s always nice to shop somewhere a little different that really seems to have that special connection with the customer. It is something I have been longing to find in Ohio for some time. And I think I found it! Continue reading

CLE Clothing Co.

CLE Clothing StoreAnother gem of Cleveland is most definitely the CLE Store. It’s a shop you stop in and tell yourself, “You won’t buy anything. You can’t buy anything. You’re just looking. Put down the t-shirt.”

And then you walk out of the store with a shopping bag full of their amazing products and your credit card warm from its recent swipe. That sounds a little dirty, but you know what I mean.

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Mindy Mae’s Market

Sorry I'm LateI mentioned to you last week that I do a lot of research via Instagram. I was so happy one day to land upon Mindy Mae’s Market!

I may have confessed once before that I am notorious for falling behind four to seven minutes late from time to time. It is not anything I am proud of and it certainly is something that I am working on, but coming across a particular shirt made me laugh. I found it to be so charming, and yet another item that I needed. Continue reading


Poo-PourriAlright, so I am sharing wayyyyy too much these days. Thankfully I can hide behind my computer screen until someone brings this up in person to witness just how red my face will turn.

Newsflash:  Everyone poops. This is the honest-to-goodness truth. Every single person poops. There are children’s books written to tell us this when we’re little, however as we grow up we tend to forget this fact. Or rather, there is this saying that girls do not poop. Who planted this crazy idea? And when did pooping becoming embarrassing?
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