P is for PotbellyWhile I was living in Columbus, Ohio, I came across this little gem that goes by the name of Potbelly. Potbelly is a delightful place to head to when you are looking for a fresh, great sandwich. It was one of my go-to spots for lunch. It was so much of a favorite that when I moved back to Cleveland from Columbus, I missed frequenting it.

Thankfully, Potbelly missed me as much as I missed them and opened a restaurant in the heart of Cleveland. In walking distance from Tower City Center, it is yet another great spot if you are looking to get some fresh, cold Cleveland air and have a change of scenery from the movie theater. Continue reading


BonbonDuring this special M of Hearts series on Cleveland, Ohio, I brought up some locations for main course meals and a fun shop. Since it is Wednesday, I thought it may be nice to mix it up a little and keep your snack options in mind. In case you are in the mood for something a little lighter and delicate, consider a trip to Bonbon. You can grab your food at the West Side Market or TownHall, as well as the other nice restaurants located in that area, but for a sweet treat and a great cup of coffee, consider heading to Bonbon.
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Melt Bar & Grilled

MeltAnother staple of Cleveland is without a doubt, Melt Bar & Grilled. Melt is one of those places that everyone talks about and you wonder the truth behind all of the rumors: “Is it really that good?” “Let me get this straight- they serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches?” “Is it as cool as people say?”

Yes to all three! Melt is a fun place, sure to brighten up your day, and a great escape while hanging out in Cleveland. Continue reading


NoodlecatAnother great food option for you to try is without a doubt Noodlecat.

Noodlecat is a great idea because it is within walking distance to Tower City Center and they offer a to-go menu option, which is perfect for when you don’t have a ton of time between your films. While working a Festival, food is sometimes a secondary thought because you are so busy and caught up in the action of everything. However, there are moments when I am starving and this is my favorite place to go to. Continue reading