Gift Giving


Something I am told a lot is how I have a knack at finding people the perfect gift for any occasion.

It is something that I take pride in, and time doing, and it is all for the pleasure in seeing someone’s reaction upon opening that perfect gift. Let’s be honest: We are all busy and have a lot going on. Sometimes cards, gifts, birthdays and milestones slip through the cracks. Or perhaps it is your least favorite thing to do: Standing in lines, dealing with ‘excellent customer service,’ and the general public can be grueling. So let’s cut out all of that hassle!

Let’s find THE perfect gift for someone special in your life.

  • Submit a form and tell me the date you need the gift by, the person in which I will be shopping for and for what occasion.
  • I will purchase the item for you, and wrap the gift in a magical way*.
  • Prior to purchasing, we will be in touch via email or phone to ensure I am getting the ideal gift and that you approve!

Take a moment to read the gifts and surprises I have done for others, as well as peek at the photos of some of my gift-wrapping skills. It really is as easy as pie! No hassle for you, and allowing me to love what I do.

*I charge $10 for the wrapping and $20 an hour for my shopping services (bare in mind gas these days and the places I travel to obtain that perfect gift). Of course I am open for negotiations!

Would you like to get gift-giving?

Let’s get started →