Movie Theater Candy Inspired Cupcakes

All of the Cakes are HereLast week I gave you a preview of my Movie Theater Candy Inspired Cupcakes and today I am delighted to introduce you to the three others that made the cut.

Here is the back story: I work seasonally for the Cleveland International Film Festival (more on this tomorrow). It’s one of the highlights of my year and I literally count down for its arrival each year. With all of the award shows that have recently come and gone, I have been thinking about movies. Literally. They consume me in the best way possible. You know how some people have memories based on scents? As in, a certain smell will take them back to a moment in time? Well, that happens to me when it comes to movies. I have had some of the best experiences of my life thanks to cinema. I have met some wickedly talented (eh, eh, get it?) individuals and have had both hardships and love because of film.

It’s also no surprise that I love sugar and candy. So when thinking of movies and what my ‘routine’ is when I head to the theaters to catch the latest flick, I wondered what my friends enjoyed eating, and more specifically, what their favorite candy was to dine on while at the movies. Continue reading

Junior Mints Cupcakes

Pretty Cupcakeshire_btnThis is a service offered by the M of Hearts.

I have to confess that these Junior Mints Cupcakes fit in two different places. They are ideal for St. Patrick’s Day being that they are green and minty, just like that darn McCafé Shamrock Shake so many of us wait for each year. But, they also coincide with an idea I had recently for movie theater candy inspired cupcakes. You will see more information and inspiration regarding that idea at some point next week.

I have been so excited and have had a difficult time in waiting to share these beauties with you. So without further ado, I give you my Junior Mints Cupcakes, another great dessert option for St. Patrick’s Day.  Continue reading