I’ve Been Away and I Do Not Like It

Kate Spade ShoesIn the past eight months, M of Hearts came to life and became more than anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The feedback and the connections I have made since launching are something I truly cherish. I began my blog with the encouragement of friends telling me to share the things I do with others. I never imagined people would read or share my ideas! M of Hearts became one of the greatest jobs I have ever had, so to take a good month off was true torture for me. Continue reading

CLE Clothing Co.

CLE Clothing StoreAnother gem of Cleveland is most definitely the CLE Store. It’s a shop you stop in and tell yourself, “You won’t buy anything. You can’t buy anything. You’re just looking. Put down the t-shirt.”

And then you walk out of the store with a shopping bag full of their amazing products and your credit card warm from its recent swipe. That sounds a little dirty, but you know what I mean.

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Always Sparkle

SparkleOkay, so I have a slight shopping problem. I made the word “shopping” bold because the debate about actually spending money as a problem will be saved for another post (hey- someone has to help the economy).

In all seriousness, I am always searching for unique and fun pieces that can’t be found just anywhere. I follow numerous bloggers and check Instagram for inspiration and ideas for gift giving. I sort of use these bloggers and Instagram how most utilize Pinterest.

One such day of research, I came across this “Always Sparkle” top that I absolutely fell for. Not just because it was sparkly and said the word “sparkle,” but because of the message that came with it. Continue reading